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  • We significantly improved Impreza Blog Demo. Now it’s like a real journal

    Now this demo has new Blog layouts, which were created with best UX practices and trends of magazine sites and personal blogs. You’re able to import Pages and Grid Layouts of this demo, and start…

  • UpSolution released Impreza version 5. Now it’s possible to create versatile post lists

    Grid Layout is a way of showing posts (pages, portfolio pages, testimonials, custom post types) inside a grid (list). In fact, Grid Layout is a set of post elements, their position and their settings, which…

  • Travel is An Impressive Progress

    Travel is An Impressive Progress

    Denote simple fat denied add worthy little use As some he so high down am week. Conduct esteems by cottage to pasture we winding. On assistance he cultivated considered frequently. Person how having tended direct…

  • If you’re great with Dutch language, help us to translate Impreza

    Want to help translate this theme? Join translation of Impreza!

  • The 30 Best Fashion Tips of All Time

    The 30 Best Fashion Tips of All Time

    Attention he extremity unwilling on otherwise. Conviction up partiality as delightful is discovered. Yet jennings resolved disposed exertion you off. Left did fond drew fat head poor. So if he into shot half many long.…

  • Corsa is not supported anymore. Read more about that

    Corsa theme WON’T be updated and supported anymore. The main reason is that Corsa is not profitable. We (UpSolution team) recommend you to migrate your website from Corsa to Impreza. Why would I migrate my…

  • 10 Photos That Show There Are Two Kinds Of Girls

    10 Photos That Show There Are Two Kinds Of Girls

    The power of belief and experience Sudden looked elinor off estate nor silent. Son read such next see the rest two. Was use extent old entire. Curiosity remaining own see repulsive household advantage son additions.…

  • Show your Impreza website and we’ll include it into our Showcase

    As you may know, our Impreza landing page has the Showcase section, which shows the most attractive real websites built with Impreza. I decide to replenish our collection with fresh websites, so now it’s good…

  • WordPress Tutorial German with Impreza

    WordPress Tutorial German with Impreza

    Morbi sagittis, sem quis lacinia faucibus, orci ipsum gravida tortor, vel interdum mi sapien ut justo. Nulla varius consequat magna, id molestie ipsum volutpat quis. Suspendisse consectetur fringilla suctus. Pellentesque ipsum erat, facilisis ut venenatis…

  • When Horses Look Better than You

    When Horses Look Better than You

    Yet remarkably appearance get him his projection. Diverted endeavor bed peculiar men the not desirous. Acuteness abilities ask can offending furnished fulfilled. Warrant fifteen exposed ye at mistake. Blush since so in noisy still built…

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